Why use Chemical Free?

HA’s and other residential developers are being impacted by poor water quality on both existing and new build developments. The skills shortage, non-barrier plastic pipe and higher pH utility water are just a few of the causes of corrosion which IWTM helps protect against.


Chemical-Free for New Build

Using a chemical-free approach at the pre-comm stage through the life of the asset, ensures you are giving your building the best protection possible against corrosion and bacteria. By controlling the dissolved oxygen, pH and conductivity you are left with clean demineralised water in your network which is the best energy transfer achievable. VDI2035 water also benefit new builds as it can sit in non-circulating systems for longer or during seasonal downtimes without being affected by corrosion. Without particulate in the network you also help optimise the life of the components as they are not being overworked or damaged by corrosive water.  


New builds often suffer from flash and tidemark corrosion where pressure testing of systems prior to commissioning has systems filled and then drained of raw water. This leaves the contractor to correct the corrosion this often causes, or when. These issues are sometimes masked by poor water treatment practices, leaving the asset owner to inherit problems that become obvious at the end of the defect period. A chemical-free approach to a pre-comm cleaning which does not allow draining of the system helps avoid these later issues with these types of corrosion. 


Because of the stringent water quality levels achieved using VDI2035 principles we avoid the problems that arise with differing water qualities when connecting phases on new build developments. This is the same reason that it avoids connection delays to potential 3rd party district heating networks which have their own stringent water quality requirements for secondary connections. 

Retrofitting Our Solution

We have worked with many of our clients in initially solving poor water quality in existing closed loop networks before being specified onto their new build projects. With retrofit we will clean through the system and then go onto protect and maintain the system water against corrosion and bacteria.

Successful Projects

Our first install on opening the UK branch office was a retrofit project for one of the biggest housing associations in the UK. The install was immediately cost positive and was less than 50% of the cost of the quoted chemical flush recommended by the incumbent water treatment company.

Since then we’ve partnered with them on almost 50 projects, including a 16,000-unit new build development. Funding from the BEIS’s DNES fund has helped them in their move to become the first HA to go chemical-free on their closed loop water treatment.


All types of residential developers including house builders, student accommodation and property managers are moving to IWTM as they understand the benefits to the bottom line and the environment. Reputational damage, increased costs of repairs, downtime and the resource required in dealing with customer complaints and breakdowns are some of the benefits that IWTM is helping these asset owners and operators to avoid.


Whilst we have both sustainability and cost benefits it’s the reliability that we offer on water quality that our clients mention as the primary reason for working with us you will see from the following case studies. 

Housing Associations & Residential Developers
Housing Associations & Residential Developers

Case studies

As IWTM's chemical free water treatment solution makes its impact across the world, we bring you some prestigious projects that have made the most of our innovative, renewable heating engineering. From private housing developments to large scale NHS Trust hospital wards and offices - IWTM has boosted ROI, safety and sustainability. You will find more details in the case studies on how asset owners and operators have benefited from our developers and the people who directly benefit from our reliable, chemical-free water heating solutions.

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