NHS Trusts

We have been installed on a number of NHS Trusts where previous chemical regimes had failed to correct long term water quality issues. 


Business user case

Each of the Trust’s water treatment companies advised the only possible solution was a chemical flush which resulted in two of our clients’ receiving quotes of over £200,000. The high cost of these remedial works with no guarantee of success and the ongoing cost of traditional water treatment meant the Trusts were open to alternative methods of water treatment. 


For each of these major trusts we created a business user case which saw huge savings on the operating cost of chemical free versus the incumbent chemical-based water treatment. When compared with the excessive costs of the flushes we were immediately cost positive with savings of well over 60% on both projects. For one Trust install, and despite the interruption of COVID and the system being one of the worst we’d installed on, 2 of the 3 networks are already at VDI2035 levels and corrosion-based breakdowns are virtually non-existent. 

Low impact approach

Other advantages exist for our solution with critical infrastructure as retrofitting does not interrupt the operation of the building allowing essential services to continue. Our install activity is all plant room based which is more sensitive to patient needs and means no noise, spills, debris or other interruptions occur ward side. This low impact approach was even more critical on one of our first NHS installs as it was for a specialist ward treating elderly patients with dementia. With simple to learn PPM’s that can be self-delivered by the Trust’s incumbent maintenance team’s contractor traffic was reduced by removing the need for additional specialist contractors to site. 

Word-of-mouth recommendations

Common to these projects is corrosion-based breakdowns being greatly reduced or ended which enables engineers to focus on more critical services such as energy reduction. We continue to offer reliability and value to the NHS versus the excessive cost of traditional water treatment services and our last 4 NHS projects come from word-of-mouth Trust-to-Trust recommendations. This is without doubt the best accolade on the reliability of IWTM’s efficacy and reliability. 


Case studies

As IWTM's chemical free water treatment solution makes its impact across the world, we bring you some prestigious projects that have made the most of our innovative, renewable heating engineering. From private housing developments to large scale NHS Trust hospital wards and offices - IWTM has boosted ROI, safety and sustainability. You will find more details in the case studies on how asset owners and operators have benefited from our developers and the people who directly benefit from our reliable, chemical-free water heating solutions.

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