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IWTM's install at Union Park corrects corrosion issues

Packet Boat Lane Limited’s development of 251 apartments had suffered significant corrosion issues with its district heating system despite only being 18 months old. 



Complaint levels had been high with tenants experiencing heating and hot water failures and leaks caused by corrosion bursts and constant blocking of the strainers. KUT Partnership were bought in to advise on the best corrective method for the water quality and recommended IWTM's chemical free solutions. 


Following a site survey IWTM found that aspects of the design, installation and commissioning required attention. With the developers wish to fix the tenant issues as quickly as possible, a reaction tank and demineralisation unit were fitted in place of the dosing pot and water softener. A specialist team was then put together with Fairheat to correct the design issues, Heat Interface Team for the remedial installation works and Alan O’Reilly of Adobe Consultancy to oversee the corrective works on behalf of the client. 


Fairheat’s report discovered that the reason for the lack of flow rate during high demand was due to the fact that all HIU’s had flow 24 hours per day. This was found to be a result of the corrosion being so bad that the seats of the Differential Pressure Control Valves in the HIU’s had been worn away by the high iron content. This effectively left the valves unable to close so every HIU was working in by-pass robbing the system of flow. 


The site operated with Viessmann boilers, a CHP, and buffers, all of which state VDI 2035 as the required water quality standard. Without draining the system, or any flushing, IWTM's solution started to turn the system water into a demineralised state to comply with VDI 2035. Our resin device ensured that any fresh top up water used during the remedial works was a controlled pH fill at 8.4 with low conductivity. An electronic corrosion monitor was used to monitor the corrosive state of the water with results visible within two weeks of installation. 


With a conductivity starting point of 2100 uS/cm our target of under 100 uS/cm was achieved at seven months. IWTM's solution will now continue controlling the water to VDI levels without the need for any type of chemical inhibitor or additive. 

Case study – Union Park

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