Demineralising mains water and removing the elements that form the basis of the corrosive process

Tap water contains aggressive salts and lime and the more water a heating or cooling system contains, the more minerals and salts are brought in while filling. Modern heating and cooling solutions and components are quicker to suffer from damage by lime precipitation. Coupled with our resin the ProFill controls the pH and conductivity of raw fill water to complete a full solution to our chemical free water treatment.


ProFill is a range of simple, easy to use top up units for demineralised water for heating and cooling systems. The units are installed in line with the pressurisation unit and filter harmful limes, salts and other minerals. When used with our mixed ion exchange resin the anion and cation exhange controls the pH and conductivity of the incoming raw fill water. 

The units are sized to the water hardness and annual fill rate and have an operating temperature to 95% and maximum pressure of 10 Bar. The units are available in 4, 12.5, 25 and 50 litres which is the volume of resin in each unit.

Commercial Fill and Clean
Commercial Fill and Clean


Our ProFill mobile is used for demineralised filling of heating and cooling systems and for resin rinsing when remedial cleaning of systems previously treated with chemicals is required. When used with our controlled pH resin the fill water achieves VDI2035 water quality standards. 

It is based on the same technology as our ProFill 50 and offers simple monitoring with a flow rate of 25l/m. 

Prime pH Resin

New systems operate on low temperatures and high-water capacities with thermal stores/DHW cylinders. Raw water from the tap always contains a certain amount of free, dissolved carbon dioxide. The lower the operating temperature and the greater the water volume, the more this carbon dioxide can lead to corrosion. Prime pH resin removes this carbon dioxide during demineralisation – This provides superior starting point protection of these systems.

Prime pH resin is an ion exchange resin for demineralising central heating fill water with a defined surplus of anion resin. The unique vacuum packaging and regular quality monitoring thereby guarantee the capacity to remove free carbon dioxide from the fill water during demineralisation. Meets SWKI/VDI requirements - Premium quality with an anion resin surplus.

Commercial Fill and Clean
Commercial Fill and Clean

Prime Resin

Main applications for the Primes resin are for demineralised filling, top-up water and the desalination of conventional gas and oil combustion systems and systems already commissioned. 

Prime resin is also suitable for appliances such as steam irons, steam ovens and steam cleaners, coffee machines and window cleaning. Meets SWKI/VDI requirements.

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