Delivering value to commercial asset owners and operators

IWTM provides water treatment for solutions for developers, asset owners and operators on commercial buildings. Our Portfolio of completed installs, many on prestigious London office developments, have proven the efficacy of our system over and above more traditional water treatment.  


Overcoming poor water quality

We work with many listed companies direct as our environmentally friendly treatment is in line with their own environmental social and corporate governance. We also work with the FM and property management companies who are looking for innovative and sustainable solutions for their clients. With this and our cost and reliability benefits we are seeing more recommendations to clients for our water treatment. 


Most of the owners and operators in this sector have experienced poor water quality in their closed loop networks causing breakdowns and affecting building operations. Most are tired of less sustainable traditional treatments as the single cure appears to be more chemicals which many feel is literally pouring good money after bad. One of our first commercial clients in the UK was for an Engineering Management Consultancy who installed our solution across 6 networks on a twin block development in Hammersmith.  


They are now advocates of chemical-free water treatment after seeing continued improvement in water quality and savings on chemical costs. They also found savings not calculated for with softer benefits such as time returned from the onsite administration and handling of chemicals. 

Proven case studies

One of the biggest global real estate companies contacted us for a client’s office tower based in Canary Wharf. 3 of 4 one megawatt boilers had failed just two months after being installed due to poor water quality. This poor water quality had invalidated the warranty just as the heating season was about to start leaving the operator desperate to get the heat network operational. The operator had just 30 days to reduce the conductivity of over 2400 to below 300 to match the boiler manufacturers water quality standards. Our promise to the client was achieved when we reduced the conductivity to just 37 micro Siemens in the timeline set. 

New build

As we have continued to grow our projects and reputation our clients have increased to include critical infrastructure such as datacentres and transport hubs where we are relied upon for the management of their closed loop water treatment. Whilst most clients start by using us to correct existing water quality issues we are increasingly being specified at new build on a wide array of projects. This is deepening our relationship with many of the top tier EPC and M&E contractors as they can see the benefits we offer on guaranteeing program and costs.   

Case studies

As IWTM's chemical free water treatment solution makes its impact across the world, we bring you some prestigious projects that have made the most of our innovative, renewable heating engineering. From private housing developments to large scale NHS Trust hospital wards and offices - IWTM has boosted ROI, safety and sustainability. You will find more details in the case studies on how asset owners and operators have benefited from our developers and the people who directly benefit from our reliable, chemical-free water heating solutions.

clean, prevent, protect

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