Chemical free water treatment addresses the causes of corrosion to avoid the perpetual cycle of treating the symptoms

Our technology engineers your network’s water to control the causal elements that allow corrosion and bacteria to thrive, creating a hostile environment for both. We comply with Europe’s most stringent water quality standards including VDI2035 and have eradicated the use of chemical additives, from pre-commissioning cleaning and flushing of new systems to cleaning through and then maintaining existing networks. 


IWTM were one of the early innovators of using electrochemistry in closed loop water treatment more than 30 years ago. IWTM deliver international land-based projects and service the global maritime industry from a network of international offices.  


Case Study


“I have seen great results on this problematic site using chemical free water treatment and will be looking at this for future installs, as well as retro-fits where the system water quality condition requires attention”

– Anthony White, Senior Building Services Engineer


Particulate in systems causes components to work harder and inefficiently. This can cause multiple, repeated failures and downtime, leading to increased engineer call outs and occupier complaints. Chemical free water treatment makes this water engineering issue a problem of the past. Our clients have found huge benefits to operational efficiency and cite reliability above all other benefits for installing our solution once they have enjoyed the immediate, measurable results. 


A Return on Investment (ROI) is always achievable with considerable benefit on the operational expenditure and performance. With new build developments we often give immediate price advantages as we remove costs from the pre-commissioning process. When compared to a chemical flush and clean, our installed systems are usually significantly more cost effective. On average we are 10-20% of the operating costs of more traditional water treatments.


We leave the water in your networks as clean demineralised water with controlled oxygen. This optimises energy transfer from your heating and chilled water networks. As well as reducing site logistics, service visits and boosting efficiency with less energy, we prevent thousands of tons of chemicals from entering our clients' waste streams each year. With water forecast to be the new carbon, IWTM demonstrates good global citizenship.

Our Products
Our two-part solution consists of the Protector which cleans and maintains the water in your networks and the ProFill which demineralises the raw fill water prior to it entering the system. This belt and braces approach helps us to achieve VDI2035, one of Europe's most stringent water quality standards. We serve any size project from a single home to some of the largest district heating networks in the UK.

clean, prevent, protect

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