Our vision is to move every closed loop heating and cooling system in our markets from chemical to non-chemical

During our UK’s team time in the UK since 2019 we have witnessed an increased use of chemical-free water treatment for domestic, commercial, and large industrial heating and cooling applications.  During this period, we have had success with large volume networks and systems that operate on low and intermittent flow.  This has been recognised both by the many blue-chip clients who have installed our systems and by respected professional bodies.  CIBSE confirm within CP1 Heat Networks Code of Practice and The Heat Networks Design Guide that our methods are the best suited for systems of this type. 

IWTM have a network of global offices which services their clients and 

worldwide marine business. 


Having successfully used IWTM’s industrial products in the Marine industry since 1992 we have adopted these high engineering standard principles for our land-based products and have now introduced these principles to a domestic and light commercial range. We believe that in doing so we will be able to maintain and build upon our position at the forefront of effective chemical-free water treatment to a wider market.  


Our commitment to providing best-in-class product is always paramount and is part of our constant development programme to always be innovating to stay at the forefront of our industry. The broader range and our ongoing commitment to product design and development ensures we can continue to meet this standard for an even wider host of scenarios and environments, selecting the ideal solution for each.   


IWTM-UK proven technology engineers’ optimum environments for the efficient operations of closed loop hydronic systems, we call this water by design.

clean, prevent, protect

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