IWTM Protector Prime filling and rinsing device when used with our Prime pH resin makes sure your heating or cooling system is initially filled and prepared for use, to be compliant with IWTM and VDI 2035 guidelines.


Fill water can contain aggressive salts and minerals which in turn can cause uncontrolled pH and a high electrical conductivity both of which are major causes of corrosion. Our Prime range is used for filling and rinsing systems to control these elements to clean, maintain and protect systems against corrosion and bacteria. 

Protector PRIME

The Prime is a robust mobile filling and rinsing device, which prepares the system for ideal water quality levels.

2 sizes available. Based on either our 12.5 or 25 Litre Protector ProFill,  the Prime sits in line with our policy of moving away from single use plastic that is used in many resin cartridge devices. As well as looking after the environment it also reduces the demineralised filling cost per litre.

The inlet and outlet conductivity meter can be read in uS/cm or TDS and the flow meter provides the flow rate and volumetric counter, with our eyebolt lid making the resin change quick and easy.

Domestic and Light Commercial System Protection

clean, prevent, protect

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