The next generation of chemical-free corrosion protection for closed loop heating and cooling systems

Our galvanic system utilises principles proven over 50 years to deliver water treatment methods that focus on prevention rather than cure. Our sacrificial magnesium anodes strictly control the causal elements of corrosion to stringent levels. 

Our solution goes on to maintain and protect your closed loop networks and engineers an environment which is hostile to both corrosion and bacteria.  


IWTM Protector™

Our Protector series is the next generation of chemical free water treatment sized for system volumes over 5,000 litres. These hybrid units have a 40-micron basket which filters the system whilst allowing for the anodes to be unsheathed. This allows the anodes and magnets, which now run the length of the internal vessel, greater contact with the surface area of the water. 

This makes the Protector series the most efficient chemical free solution on the market offering faster clean-up of existing systems and enhanced protection for new.


IWTM Industrial

Developed by our marine division the robust design was made for harsh environments and critical systems with single units able to cater from 15,000 to 1.5 million litre system volumes. Their design has higher operating temperatures and pressure as standard and we also regularly build units to higher operating ratings when required.

This series have been used in land-based projects for over 30 years including large district heating systems such as Bunhill, Swaffham Prior and Barking Riverside. 

Protector Digital

All-in-one Filtration and Water Treatment unit with real time monitoring. IWTM Protector™ Digital uses the same technology as our analogue range, but as well as protecting your water system, Protector Digital also constantly collects live data, which can be used to analyse what is happening in the system and provide advanced warning of the need to perform preventive maintenance, thus saving you time and money.

Sizing: For P25, P40 & P70 

Protector Digital measures and monitors three key requirements of VDI 2035 to

  • pH
  • Conductivity
  • Dissolved Oxygen

as well as anode output, flow, temperature, pressure and pressure differential over the filter.


clean, prevent, protect

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