Next Generation Chemical Free Water Treatment

IWTM's Protector series is the next generation of chemical free water treatment offering even faster results and finer filtration, designed by Geir Qvam Ebbestad, and with site based testing over the last 3 years the Protector is now available world wide. 


Even finer filtration

The Protector has increased flow rates and a 40-micron strainer basket as standard with optional bag filters which can take particulate down to just 1 micron. 


Protector is especially suited to critical projects such as datacentres and for the restoration of cooling systems as it speeds up the cleaning process of heavily contaminated systems. It also speeds the removal chemicals in the system without the need for draining. The digital version of the Protector provides real time monitoring of the pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and anode output information which is viewable on its front display or can be sent to a BMS system.


The larger anodes can be supplied encapsulated only by the strainer/filter basket making them easier to clean and providing longer anode life, fitted with larger dry magnets and inbuilt pressure differential gauges for the strainer/bag filters. Available in two sizes the Protector up to 40,000 litres and the Protector Master up to 70,000 with manifold kits for parallel installation of multiple units for larger systems.


Our first units were installed in the UK in 2021 and have now been used across a range of projects. The system has also been designed to sit on a skid with its own pump to provide assistance on difficult installs or where post system rinse there is a need to correct the pH. These units can be put into an array when being used to correct system water on larger district heating networks.  

IWTM launch new protector range

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