Next Generation Chemical Free Water Treatment

IWTM™ Protector P1-P5 all-in-one filtration and water treatment unit that provides a “hybrid/multipurpose function” that eliminates the use of chemicals, de-aerators, and magnetic separators. Designed for systems up to 5000L.


How does the P1 - P5 clean the system water?

The P1, P2 and P5 Protector range is a unique design in electrochemistry water treatment in that it has two distinct separate treatment chambers, designed to remove the system impurities and to engineer the water to keep it in a non-corrosive state. 


It provides a “hybrid/multipurpose function” that eliminates the use of chemicals, de-aerators, and magnetic devices.


The system water enters the lower chamber where a dry powerful magnet holds in place any magnetic particles, the water then passes into the upper chamber where air is separated and the electrochemistry takes place. Water is then forced through a high grade 40-micron stainless steel filter before going back into the system having been cleaned and treated.


The results of our new design is increased cleaning power and superior performance than other devices.


The fast corrosion rate of the bare anode quickly releases magnesium hydroxide into the water, and this provides an alkaline pH between 8.2 and 10 and the consumption of the dissolved oxygen removes the threat of corrosion from the system water.

Protector P1 and Air Source Heat Pumps

The P1 is ideally suited to ASHP applications as our technology keeps the system clean. ASHP’s require clean and air free water, if the water quality is full of air or dirty the ASHP can lock out and result in nuisance shut down.


Also, as ASHP’s operate on a lower temperature any % reduction in output due to scaled or blocked pipes can result in the design criteria not being achieved and inconvenience for the homeowner/building operator.

IWTM Launch New Light Commercial Range

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