Protecting new build heat pumps

Fairview New Homes have specified IWTM’s chemical-free water treatment to protect the heat pumps on their new build 1.4-acre residential site in Islington. 


Sustainable performance

A reaction tank and demineralisation unit were selected to deliver the ongoing protection for the eight Mitsubishi Ecodan ASHP’s specified to provide the 118-unit development’s heating and hot water supply. 


IWTM's chemical free water treatment was selected for its performance and environmental benefits over more traditional water treatment regimes. Fairview were keen to build on other sustainable initiatives by removing chemical inhibitors from their water treatment and were looking for a more sustainable approach. The use of sacrificial magnesium anodes, which negates the need for chemical additives, achieves VDI2035, one of the world’s most stringent water quality standards.


Installing chemical free benefits the heat transfer in a heat pump as it delivers high grade demineralised water with strictly controlled pH, oxygen and conductivity levels. This ability to maintain the dissolved oxygen in the system is essential to maintain good heat transfer. This is critical in heat pumps as restrictions on the heat transfer, such as that caused by oxygen in the system, can cause high pressure alarms to trip on the refrigerant side of the heat pump.  


Fairview recognised chemical free’s more sustainable approach chimed with the demands of an increasing number of environmentally aware buyers whilst also matching their own sustainable aspirations. It also benefits the tenant’s service charge as the operating costs average just 10-20% of the cost for traditional water treatment methods. 

clean, prevent, protect

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