Better for the environment

At IWTM we are diverting over 4,000 tons of chemicals from entering our environment each year. 


IWTM Worldwide

Since opening the doors of our UK office in 2019 we have been introducing chemical-free water treatment to the UK market. With a large percentage of chemicals used on a traditional pre-commissioning clean used and poured away, it is hard to understand why this outdated practice is still recommended and allowed.


Our clients feel that moving to chemical-free in the UK is the final piece of the jigsaw in following European guidance and specifically including the Danish Guidelines. Whilst our industry has looked at the designs of heat networks, temperatures, pump control, more efficient heat interface units, better commissioning and the use of renewables, it continues to fill these networks with harmful chemicals, that the Danish guides tells us to avoid. 


IWTM’s install on Swaffham Prior district network will stop the use of around 10,000 litres of chemicals on just one system. When you are a manufacturer, designer, supplier or installer of renewable energy it makes no sense to fill your environmentally friendly solution with harmful chemicals as it contradicts your environmental message.

clean, prevent, protect

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